interior decoration

K. Shimizu offers specialty crafted furniture and interior creations,
using natural wood and solid sheet wood from Japan.

"Through my overseas experiences, I have found that my clients
around the world recognize the scent of Japanese wood.
It is an honor when I see that my clients are more interested in the color
and grain of wood as well as the detail of Japanese craftsmanship after
seeing the balance of wood and skill in my work.
I have seen many types of high quality wood around the world and
am pleased to use them in my work and share the beauty of Japanese craft
with the world."

1967 -
Born in Ohtsu, Japan, he had always dreamed of being a craftsman.
After graduating high school, he started to work for a building firm that specialized in Japanese
traditional craft technique called "Sukiya-kenchiku" in Kyoto.
When he left the firm 12 years later, he started his own career and business.
2001 -
First overseas project in Seattle.
2008 -
Project for authentic Japanese restaurant, Kajitsu in New York.
2012 -
Kajitsu's new restaurant project.